Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Beds For the Terrorists

And No sleep for the infidels
Because I'm pretty sure that's what they call us when they're plotting their attacks.

Like I was saying; we got new beds for the terrorists.
Well, Jaxon got a new bed - Lannie got a modified version of her old bed.

According to Luke this post should be titled "Lannie Got Screwed"

Back to the beds:
Jaxon got this amazing Fire House loft bed.
It took us about 2 hours to build and most of the sanity I had left in my weekend reserves.  He loves playing in it, but bed time is another story.  It's as if we've sentenced him to 12 years hard labor at Angola the way he carries on.
Aside from that it's just a really big pain in the ass.  The bed itself is at a height of about 4'-6 and surrounded by firehouse walls.  Meaning I can't get to him without having to climb up the toddler ladder into the fire house loft.  (He knows this, so where do you think he goes when he's in trouble now?)

Thankfully, Derek usually gets the boy terrorist ready in the mornings, but he has the same dilemma.  No way to get to the sleeping terrorist without climbing up in the loft with him.  Which is what every parent wants to do at 6AM when it's time to get ready for work. (Boy terrorist doesn't respond to commands on a good day, so he most certainly won't get up and out of bed on his own accord)

I haven't actually witnessed the Hubby's technique, but I'm going to try to catch it tomorrow- I'm certain it's comical.

Then there's poor deprived Lannie.  She got the modified bed.
I guess in comparison she did kind of get screwed.  (And after knowing what we do now I can guarantee that she won't be getting any sort of loft bed - at all - ever...)

Here's her "new" toddler daybed.
Clearly, she also feels like she got screwed in this deal and is punishing us for our favoritism of her brother.
We haven't slept a full night since the "new bed incident"
My sweet little Lannie who used to actually ask to go to bed has turned into a demon child reminiscent of a meth addict on the tail end of a 2 week bender.  She screams at bed time, refuses to lay down and worst of all she can now get out of her own bed to grace us with her presence at 2AM (and 3AM and 3:30AM and 4:15AM)

Try to do something nice...and this is the what we get in return.