About Us

The Yaste Tribe

We really need new Family Pictures...

There's me- Ashley

I'm a project engineer at a for a General Contractor.  I've spent the last 12  years in the construction industry which might explain why I have an affinity towards curse words.  (Seriously, all of my kids know how to curse in the correct context).

 I still have no idea how on earth I ended up with (3) kids of my own...I don't remember agreeing to this.  They drive me bat shit crazy most of the time but I'm madly in love with them all the same.
I'm also pretty crafty...I paint and shit.

Seriously look at this wreath I made:

And I painted these two:  (peacock feather was in a class, but the other one was all by myself)

Here is the Husband - Derek or just D

 He is an actual saint.  
Really, I am so incredibly lucky to have found this man and convinced him to marry me.  He is sweet and sincere and soft-hearted and funny, and all of the good things that I am not. 

He is a Broncos fan, but I am working on forgiving him of that.  He helps with the kids, does laundry cuts the grass and paints walls when I ask.  

He treats me like a princess even when I'm acting like a monster.  Be jealous! 

First Up is the Original Terrorist...Conner

He's not technically mine as in I didn't have to deliver him or change any of his shitty diapers, but he's mine all the same.  (Technically he's D's stepson)
He's a typical 22 year old...a fucking disaster.  In a good way...mostly.
He's looks like a cross between a homeless kid and a tattooed prisoner, but in his case looks are deceiving.  He's sweet, and funny and humble and all of the things I hop the younger ones grow up to be.  (Without all of the tattoo's.)  He doesn't live in our house so we don't see him as often as we'd like, but he's most definitely the fun one.  (He doesn't crap his pants and can buy booze...i.e. THE PERFECT CHILD)

Next up is the Big...the tween girl.  We also call her Big Red.
 (Because she dyed her hair a maroon Red most Recently...Real Creative I know)
She's 12 going on 25.  Has to have her nails polished at all times but can't remember to brush her own teeth.... She's quiet, and sensitive and goofy and a hot mess at the best of times.

She was my first and kind of the trainer baby...Through her learned that babies are bendy, scrapes won't kill, not all falls cause brain damage...important things like that.
The first moment I laid eyes on her I learned the reality of love at first sight and experienced what it felt like to love another person unconditionally with every fiber of my being.

I now know exactly what my mother meant that one time in middle school when she told me "I love you always, but I really don't like you right now." (I also learned that if you feed a baby too much formula they will projectile vomit, jalapenos make babies cry, and while it's not advised it wont kill you if you drink a tiny bit of hydrogen peroxide....shhhh she was too young to remember those; we don't need to tell her)

And Lastly we have..the Terrorists - Jaxon & Landry

We typically refer to them as a pair although they're not twins.  They're about 15 months apart, but they act like twins.  They're also reminiscent of an old married couple the way they bicker about ANYTHING!  I'm not sure if having 2 so close together is a blessing or a curse....ask me in 5-7 years.

Jaxon is the oldest - he's 3. 
He is ALL boy.  He never stops moving and typically breaks anything within a 5 foot radius of his person.  He is absolutely hilarious and one of the sweetest kids.  He loves to surprise us with an "I love you" out of nowhere and hugs and kisses, but can't hold still long enough to cuddle.  He is fiercely protective of his sisters.  Big Red especially.  (Maybe because she's the one that usually gets yelled at.)  He will risk getting punished himself in an effort to keep his sister from being in trouble.  Did I say he's all boy?  He likes guns, and swords and cars and bugs.  Oh yeah...he never ever, ever shuts up.  He has 2 speeds: wide open and asleep.

Landry is the baby - she's 2. 
 She is just beginning to talk and has already started making her demands.

She's the baby of the bunch and knows it.  (Everyone in the house also knows it.)  She is cute as a button, but has absolutely no patience.

She's the mean one (as in she will cut you if you do not hand over the toy immediately).
It's her way or the highway.  Which is probably our doing...we all give in to what ever she wants. 

Here are a few of my favorite pictures over the years...