Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Easter Bunny Has Rabies and Your Getting a Fruit Basket

As with most other things I do, I didn't realize the full stupidity of my actions until after I had done them.

I'm talking about Easter baskets...

Who's idea was it to stuff baskets full of shit you can't let your kids eat anyway?
Well, they can eat it of course.  Just not the whole 5 lbs of chocolate in one sitting - which they fully expect to do.

I really can't blame them I though.
If someone bought me a pair of shoes I wouldn't expect them to tell me I could only wear one of them or only wear them on Tuesdays.   Those are my damn shoes and I'll wear them to bed if I want to!

I'm sure if my son had the verbal skills that's exactly what he'd tell me.
Alas, he's only 3 so I get this instead:

Next year they're getting fruit baskets...or I'm telling them that the Easter bunny got rabies and died.

On a separate note here are some pictures of them looking cute and not whining.