Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mommy Buys a New Phobia

I wish I had a good funny blog for you today but we've had a sick terrorist.
I haven't done much but be at her little unreasonable beck and call since Friday, so if something happened I missed it in passing.

I do have a "Here's your sign moment" from Children's Hospital....

So, I had no idea girl terrorist was even sick.  She wasn't extraordinarily fussy or puking or pooping on furniture like the rest of my kids do when they're sick.  She was just a little clingy.
Doesn't look sick does she?

Anyway, I only noticed that she felt warm as I passed by and kissed her on the forehead.  When I got the thermometer out and took her temperature it read 104.6!
 (I couldn't remember what dying temp was so I wasted another 20 minutes googling "when will a fever kill a two year old" - according to Google  it's somewhere from 104-107.  Helpful.  Also, NEVER google your kids health.  I was able to diagnose her with no less than 17 life threatening conditions in under 10 minutes.)

I gave up and called the nurse line at Children's.  She initially told me to bring tiny in then said not to, just watch her temp and bring her in before 105...(which was why I was going to bring her in at 104.6...but whatever)  We motrin-ed up and waited.  The fever broke and then it spiked to 104.9.  I gave her Tylenol and headed in to Children's.

Of course her fever broke the second they called us into triage.  I gave them my story and he took her vitals and sent us to a room.  Doc came and and I gave her the same spiel. So now I'm sitting in a room at the ER with a basically perfect looking kid with no fever, no runny nose, no gash, no broken bones.  Telling this lady that my kid did have a stupid high fever only 15 minutes ago and it's happened twice already today.

All while sick fever child is playing happily in the corner totally not helping me to convince the doctor lady that she is actually sick.  When the Dr. asked her how she felt she even said " pretty good" in her happy little voice.  (I called her a damn traitor in my head) 
Anyway we get dismissed with a diagnosis of a cold (because I think she felt sorry for me) but she did give me the following instruction:
"High fever wont do any damage until it hits 107 degrees.  But if she peaks over 105 bring her back.  Oh, and keep an eye out -  if her fever spikes fast she could have febrile seizures.  Definitely bring her in if she has those"

WHAT??? Just like that?  By the way she could have seizures?!?! Thanks for that bit of info...I wasn't worried enough but add seizures to the mix.  That totally calms me.

And since I brought her here for nothing once already It's super likely that I'll need your persuasion to bring her in if she starts seizing on my couch.  Not sure I needed the extra info, but I'll be sure to freak out and have a mini-stroke every time she flinches or sneezes...because that could be the beginning of febrile seizure of course.  Commence creepy staring at the 2-year old for the rest of the day...

We were generally able to maintain a normal temp with Tylenol and Motrin and by Monday night the fever was gone as suddenly as it came.
This might be spider man...or a seizure....
No clue what caused it, but now I think one of my kids is always on the verge of a seizure...awesome.  Thanks Doctor lady...

What did I do this weekend?  Not much, just paid $60 to catch a new phobia.
How was your weekend?