Friday, March 6, 2015

Samuel L Jackson In My Kitchen

***Here's the warning this contains MF at your own risk***

So anyway, we had a visitor last night...apparently Samuel L. Jackson was in my kitchen talking about chocolate. 

Let me set the scene:
It was about 8:30. The kids were playing in the playroom and D and I were on the couch watching TV.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw Boy Terrorist head into he kitchen.  I was fully expecting him to ask for chocolate (he ALWAYS asks for chocolate).  What I was not prepared for was the way he channeled Samuel L Jackson when asking for said chocolate.

It went like this:
Boy Terrorist: Hey Guys..did you know your not supposed to say motherfucking chocolate?  It's not good to say that.
Me: Shocked and Speechless and stifling giggles (because I'm a stellar mother remember)
D: Jaxon! Come here right now!!
Jaxon walks over totally innocent looking confused
D: You are not supposed to say that word! EVER!  Do you understand me?! I don't want to ever   hear you say that again!
Boy Terrorist: OK, I was just telling you that it was bad of you. Can I have chocolate now?
He Looks so innocent...

And before anyone points at me...this isn't my doing!  Had he referred to it as Fu%$*# chocolate I would have taken the blame.  I'm well known to drop F bombs, but I don't ever drop the MF bombs.  No one does in real life.

Well except my Uncle Jimmy but he's like 80 and is old enough to say what he pleases...