Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Baby steps (in pink light up heels)

I think we hit a milestone today....or my terrorists just act like terrorists in my presence to screw with me.

Yesterday I took a shower and left them sitting on the couch watching cartoons.
I fully expected to find them covered in something sticky and crying when I got out, but to my amazement THEY WERE IN THE SAME SPOT!!

For this they got bubbles in the bath.

They promptly ate the bubbles and smeared them in each others eyes creating a 15 minute freak out fest.  Now they will only get bubbles when they've been bad.  (Sort of a passive aggressive form of punishment.)

And true to form they tormented each other and the rest of us for the remainder of the night.

Lannie stole Jaxon's monkey slippers,
Jaxon stole (and wore) Lannie's princess heels,

Lannie spit on Jaxon,
Jaxon stole Lannie's banana,


And.....Both Terrorists plugged up the bathroom sink and left it to overflow so their duckies "could swim"

Baby steps I guess....