Tuesday, June 30, 2015

His Truck Smells Like WHAT???

My husband hangs those horrible smelly trees in his truck.
You know, those air fresheners shaped like Christmas trees that smelly truckers adorn their cabs with. (No offense to all of my non-smelly trucker friends and family)

These little gems....clearly created by Satan
Well the hubs has a favorite tree.  It's called "black ice" and it's the only Satan tree he'll buy.  He thinks they smell good....

I disagree.  I also never pass up an opportunity to give him shit. So, anytime I get into the truck I say "Mmmmmm! It smells like Black Ice in here, YUMMY!"

He calls me an asshole.
He laughs.
I laugh.
Fun times had by all.

Until boy terrorist decided to join in on our fun...and ruin it.
Our little comedian

Apparently he's been hearing our "Black Ice" exchange and thought he'd join in.

About a week ago we all pile in to the truck to go who knows where and (I shit you not) this is what comes out of my son's mouth:

"Mmmmm Daddy! It smells like black men in here!" (And he laughed and laughed and laughed)

WHAT??? Did you just say daddy's truck smells like BLACK MEN??
It took us a bit before we realized what the hell he was talking about.

We said black ice and he heard black guys...

again...this is why we don't do "public"