Sunday, November 15, 2015

Apologies and Butt-Hanging Egg Holders

First off....sorry for the absence. I'm going to try to get back on these blog posts again.
My kids are still doing maddening and hilarious shit, but life has been kicking my ass.

Not my personal commitments,but preschool, gymnastics, wrestling, showing up at middle school...every day shit that my little terrorists require of me.

Anyway, I'm gonna make it a point to try and do these more often.

I'll start with the boy terrorists most recent request - for what I can only assume is a toy.
You see he has this really fucking irritating habit of asking for every.single.toy he's sees on every.single.commercial that airs from 8am to 9pm. Literally every toy....and we must stop all household activities to look at the TV, see what he wants and tell him no.  (I don't think he understands patterns yet...or he's trying to wear me down)

Tonight a commercial for a pink ice cream maker was the coveted item that halted dinner.

This conversation led to the other "Toy" that he wants.

He spoke clearly, was VERY descriptive and even acted out the way the toy works.
I still have no fucking clue what this child wants and I'm even more concerned as to what the hell kind of TV he was watching with granny!?!?

The "toy" apparently has a beak and a string that attaches to your ass which holds a real egg and you bounce....what in the actual fuck?

Anyone care to throw me a bone here? Does my kid want a game or a sex toy????

Check out the BT explaining this....I can't even make this shit up!!