Thursday, January 22, 2015

That shit paid when is summer vacation?

Its' been 2 short months since I went on my major rant about Big Red and how she was going to fail 6th grade.  Although, if you ask her she'd probably tell you it's been 2 VERY long months.

We've changed things up a bit.  She now stays with me Monday through Friday night and with her father every weekend.  She also spends every morning and afternoon with her dad as well.  (Come summer vacation that shit flips...I get weekends and he gets full weeks....I'll be on a 3 month VACATION!) 

Anyway, I've failed miserably at sitting back and letting her fail and learn her lesson - and that shit paid off! 

I am the homework Nazi.  Every night, all night until it is done.  It's been frustrating, and mind numbing, and funny and even enjoyable at times.  We've both cried and screamed and laughed and actually learned how to work together (sort of).    Some nights she drives me bat shit crazy and some nights I think we would both like to sell the terrorists, but we suffer through it together. (Well mostly, some nights we're close to scratching each others eyes out and Derek steps in to help with homework instead of me...I think he's mainly saving his own sanity, but she likes him better anyway...)

Night before last I was out of energy and she had 2 assignments left to do.  She begged me to let her do them in her room and didn't have the energy to hover any more.

Holy effing mother of balls!! SHE COMPLETED THE ASSIGNMENT!!! AND TURNED IT IN!!!
(I of course checked it first thing in the am, but the fact remains - she did it)

Every night I still schedule all of her assignments and check them off one by one, every night I still check her daily calendars.  Most nights I find one that she has "forgotten", but we get it done.
She rarely whines or complains anymore.  We finally have a routine.  Thank you baby Jesus!!!

On top of it all...that kid who managed to fail nearly every class last quarter has ALL A's and B's.  I nearly had a stroke when I looked at her grades.  I didn't know whether to kiss her or offer her a freaking beer in celebration.  (God knows I had one)

I will be framing this report feels better than making my own A's in school.

Way to go Big Red!!! I am so freaking Proud of you!!!
(you want a puppy or a goat or something? We'll sneak it into your dads house....)