Thursday, July 7, 2016

She's 3....and She's a DICK!

Let me explain before you watch the video...

We're not torturing poor Jaxon on purpose, but there's a rule in our house:  at the end of the night all of the toys left on the floor go in the trash.

It's not a new rule and it has worked far.

Until Lannie.  Lannie's a bad ass. Lannie won.
As I write this Lannie is napping in her room.  She pointed out a few toys to her daddy that he missed (like saying fuck you with out actually saying  it) then proceeded to go up to her room for a rest while her brother had a freak out fest over HER toys.  Not a single one of Jaxons toys were thrown away.

What you didn't hear was Lannie explaining to daddy that she picked up all of the good toys and the rest were old and he could handle them.  At this point I was laughing so hard I had to leave the room... (We hid them in the garage and didn't actually throw them away)

She's a dick....and she won.  A 3 year old won the battle....