Thursday, December 15, 2016


An open letter to the the keepers of the cows and the stackers of the hay bales @ the "Cow Farm" on CR38 in Mead:

For the love of everything holy please move some of the hay bales along the north side of the pens!

The hay bales are blocking Landry's view of "Her Cows"
(not sure who decided to go into the ranching business with a 4yo without telling her mother but she assures me those are in fact HER COWS)

Anyway...because of the aforementioned hay bales Landry isn't able to complete full visual check on her herd as we drive to and from daycare.

The current weather conditions and her inability to see all of "Her Cows" has lead Landry to believe that they are in immediate danger of becoming "cow-popsicles" (her words) and we must act at once to protect her bovine investment....

Did I mention Landry is 4?

Did I mention that her idea of protecting her/your cows is buying them all hoodies....

I have no clue where to get a cow hoodie and even if I did that's like 800 cow hoodies - I can't afford that and you don't have the time to be dressing 800 cows in Elsa sweatshirts. (Yes, Elsa from frozen....because if she's choosing the sweatshirts they will most definitely be frozen themed....probably bedazzled too)

So in the spirit of Christmas can we maybe just add a few viewing holes....I don't even know how to argue with a 4-year old who wants to dress a shit ton of cows....and she gets seriously pissed when I laugh at her.